I can’t think of anything to write
which is weird
considering I’m almost always thinking in poetry
and there’s very few moments in the day
when I’m not thinking of how I could write a poem
about that very moment,
that very thought,
that very emotion-
even when I’m feeling nothing at all;
but do we ever truly feel nothing at all
or is nothingness perhaps a feeling too?
I’m not sure if I can put it into words
because how do you articulate nothingness,
how do you use words to describe the things you feel
when you feel devoid of all emotions?
It’s a rather unusual thing to have to explain.

Nothing. Nothingness.
There’s an odd sense of doom that accompanies these words
and somehow I find it absurd,
though incorrigible.
Why is ‘nothing’ perceived so negatively?

Nothingness. Emptiness. Hollowness.
These shouldn’t be such…dirty words.
Nothingness and emptiness and hollowness
have so much potential.
They’re so incredibly versatile
because nothingness
and emptiness
and hollowness can be filled
with anything at all.
Maybe that’s what makes us so cautious about them.
Maybe nothingness and emptiness and hollowness
only makes us afraid
because it makes us unsure and doubtful and uncertain,
makes us nervous under the burden
of the responsibility that accompanies potential.
Maybe nothingness and emptiness and hollowness
are just fancy synonyms for a blank sheet of paper.