Incoherent Apologies.

I apologise for my words,
they’re always tripping over each other
and never quite obey my thoughts;
the two rarely ever work in harmony.
I wish my thoughts would stop running wild for just a moment,
so I can gather them safely
and attempt to organise them coherently.
I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time,
I realize it’s only been a few moments
but I still promise to be concise,
even at the cost of sounding delirious,
because i do not wish to impose on your hospitality.

I do not harbour delusions
of your interest in my words
but I only occasionally speak
for I seldom have listeners
and I do not believe I have much to say.

I’m sorry but I shall not apologise anymore
because I am here to speak,
to be heard,
and you shall listen
for that is the purpose of your presence.
My words will not control me,
no, they are my words
and i shall reign them in
and steer them
towards the path that I wish to take,
wish to make you walk along me with;
I shall let every syllable roll around in my mouth,
tasting it before I let it escape
and I will run my tongue
along the curves of the letters
before I allow them to form words
and with every sentence I utter,
I shall stand taller
and speak louder
until even my brief silences resound
with meaning and purpose.

I need not harbour any more delusions
of your interest in my words
because I know I have things to say,
and I have finally found my listeners.


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