make sure that you sweep the severed limbs and bodies,
and pile them up in the corner,
amongst the rubble,
out of sight;
do not forget to mop the streams of blood
flowing through the crevices of the broken tiles;
cover the child’s head with a cloth,
his tattered clothes are all that ought to be seen,
there must not be too much blood around him,
wipe it clean.

do not allow me to view the grotesque images
of heads without bodies
and clothes dripping with stale blood;
I cannot see the agonised tears
streaming down deformed faces,
eaten away by explosive fires and bullets,
covered in cement-
white as ghosts,
pale with death;
Hide the broken beds and destroyed walls from my sight,
or the foundations of my comfort and safety will crumble
with shivers of helpless distress.

Please spare me,
I am not strong enough.

“The danger is that, for fear of causing upset, we end up sanitising war.” -John Sweeney.


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