Mind Games.

There are days when I am afraid of myself,
and I cannot bear to be alone,
for my thoughts flow like rivers of chaos-
black waterfalls that make me plummet
into the deep dark depths of dread and fear,
until I reach the whirlpools of blues
that drown me
in their melancholies and uncertainties,
but I sometimes manage to keep afloat,
too exhausted to swim,
just barely breathing,
until I chance upon the shore of an isolated island,
one that none have ever truly explored
for its discovery left them weary,
and I wander
amongst shrubs that tug at my skin
leaving me battered and scarred-
with no north star to guide me
and no true destination to find my way to;
until the sun sets suddenly,
with no spectacular celebration to mark its farewell,
and the night creeps in, stealthily swift;
I find myself struggling to walk without tripping.
The island has suddenly come alive
and the resounding crescendo
leaves me trembling in hopelessness.

There are days when I am afraid of myself,
and on those days, I must learn to be alone,
and to burn a torch bright enough to mitigate the night.


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