Fifteen Farewells.

Anxiety: Thus, I end my worries.

Loneliness: I wonder, will I be mourned?

Love: Remember me. I am never truly gone.

Humanity: I have been dead for a while.

Art: My paint is dry, my ink is fading.

Poetry: My verses no longer rhyme; I bid thee adieu, it is my time.

Prose: Consider this my epilogue.

Dance: My limbs no longer hear the music calling.

Music: This is my cadence.

Theatre: The curtains must always fall on cue.

War: I have taken several lives; it is time I gave one.

Humour: Solemnity will be the death of me.

Anger: After all I have ruined, it is time I destroy myself.

Lies: I can protect you no more.

Suicide: I cannot take another.


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