Your lips moved on mine
with an urgency that told me
that you wanted, needed, more.
Your hand slid from my cheek
and wrapped itself securely
around my neck
while the other explored my body
roaming my back and thighs,
searching for the right places
to make me call your name-
you loved how I slurred out
its each syllable
with slow deliberation,
as though I was intoxicated,
but I was,
for your influence on me
was just as staggering-
while my voice trembled
in synchronization with my body,
as your tongue swirled around
and tasted the skin
that had raised into your mouth.
You then hungrily bit into
the crevice of my collarbones,
your cold lips lightly,
gently grazing me,
soothing my burning skin
with their fiery passion.
My fingers entwined themselves
into your soft locks;
my back arched itself
upward towards you,
my body surrendered
to your touch,
silently asking you
to devour me into breathlessness.
I pulled you closer
and heard myself moaning, groaning
with wild, desperate desire-
Your voice echoed mine.
I felt my body shudder
in tandem with yours,
as wave after wave
of pure ecstasy
left me drowning,
swimming in the warmth
of your secure embrace.


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