Nocturnal Lovers.

Perhaps if the sea could see,
it would stop to pause
and gaze at the moon,
and gravitate towards
the sparkle of the silver sphere
with an increased fervor;
it would move with more poise,
aiming, constantly, to kiss
and to drink in
the essence of its glow.
Perhaps, the waves would wave
to greet their beloved,
who gaily radiates in response,
blushing at the gesture;
she kisses them,
and for those few hours
that the lovers spend together,
the waves will shine gloriously,
displaying the path
where she kissed them-
the exact places where
the lips of her aura touched them
with an endearing tenderness.
Perhaps, if one followed that path,
they may discover the place where
the moon and the waves are one,
and they may witness a pool,
with dark depths
not unlike the craters on the moon,
and the moon, a silver liquid,
with dark depths
not unlike the trenches in the ocean.
He must be a blessed man,
who realizes
that the moon and sea
are but the same,
and the night comes alive
when the lovers unite at the horizon.


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