Night arrived slowly,
cloaked in a shroud of darkness
with an orb of silver at its crown-
casting spells on everything
that its aura chanced to kiss.
I was left transfixed
as I sunk my toes into the sand,
aching to follow the path
that lead over the waves-
rising and falling in tandem with them-
to the world of drunken stupor.
Luna gently caressed my cheeks,
my face felt divine
under her exquisite touch;
the night laid tender kisses
on my warm face,
her cool lips making me tremble
with a joyous serenity.
The valley was under a spell
of intoxicating emotions-
it shook with a tranquil fervor;
the silence bellowed,
deafening me as I danced
to its mystical melodies,
stumbling on ecstasy
I waded in the silver pool,
trying to follow where Luna led me
until she bade goodbye,
just as the dawn cracked
over the horizon
in a riot of wild colors
that brought the world alive.
The fog ascended, and lifted with it
the white veil of magic,
as it did, reality resumed again.


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