Lanky Love.

The smooth slope of your nose reminds me of that
of my former sweetheart,
Mr. Potato Head;
Your endearing, dimpled chin is no different
from that of the witch
in my beloved cartoon,
save the color of your skin.
The curve of your smile
makes my heart beat faster
than it did when
the neighbor’s dog chased me down the street
for stealing apples from his orchard.
Your eyes shine
like my favorite nightlights,
glowing like planets in the dark.
You make me tremble with excitement,
your presence is as thrilling
as speeding down Bear-back Hill
on my big, blue bicycle.
Talking to you makes me feel
as though I am speaking
with a personification
of my favorite candy
for your voice is just as sweet,
perhaps sweeter.
For you, I shall surrender my all.
You can have the pebbles
that I brought from the beach,
they were gifted to me
by my friend
Ru-Dolph the dolphin,
but I shall happily give them to you,
As long as you give me
your heart in return,
I love you-
even more than I love Myu,
the stray cat
that lives across the broken bridge
(I wade through knee deep water
to meet her for but a few moments,
I love her so)-
and I always will.


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