I want to leave home one night
at midnight
and sit by someone’s side-
it matters not who they may be, but what they are-
perhaps even the stranger
sitting beside me in the old bar, swaying like the palm trees,
serenaded by the songs of the sea-
I want to sit beside them and dangle my feet off the edge;
any edge, perhaps that of a cliff, overlooking the city lights-
shining bright,
like reflections of the stars in the dark sky above;
As the sky sheds its darkness over the abandoned alleys
that I shall run down, my voice bellowing,
not unlike a poltergeist;
My heart beating with ecstasy,
perhaps as loud as my voice,
as I sink my toes into the cool, golden sand,
while dancing to the melodies of the waves-
glittering silver,
quite like the moon and stars above-
that gently kiss my feet,
in rhythm with the tender kisses laid on my hand
by the person holding it,
whoever they may be;
It matters not who they are,
what I do care for, however,
is how they make me feel;
I feel intoxicated with the moon’s shine,
and my thirsty, unquenchable soul
is inebriated on moonshine.

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