Ink Streams.

Put pen to paper and let the ink flow,
like your thoughts
which meander
in rapids
like streams of melted water,
flowing from the peak of a glacier,
to their destination
at the mouth,
into a sea
of words and metaphors,
each deeper than one could fathom
from the mere sight of their surface
for their depths are frightfully immense
and no ordinary individual
is valiant enough to delve into them
but those who find the courage
to attempt to do so
are rewarded with sights
that leave them staggering in awe,
for you are overwhelming to contain;
and thus,
regardless of the outcome on paper,
nothing shall ever surpass
the beauty
of your attempt,
for the unique hues of rivers
are always mesmerizing,
even to the most skilled artists,
and no supremely qualified diver
could ever claim
to have explored
the entirety of the depths
of the vast, unyielding ocean
without being deemed delusional.


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