Artistic Melancholy.

Sadness has often been romanticized with cigarettes;
One wonders, what about a white stick is so pleasing to behold,
That it makes an emotion so painfully hollow seem appealing,
Beautiful, even, as though life would be deplorably mundane without it;
Perhaps, the artist watched a woman, mesmerizing to look at,
With long, petite fingers, gracefully holding a lighter in one hand,
The other, curled around a cigarette, burning bright at one end-
Contrasting the empty darkness so clearly envisioned in her eyes;
Puffs of smoke escaped her scarlet lips- to an astute observer,
With a keen imagination, they were nothing short of abstract art;
The dark night and gloomy weather perfectly reflected the scene-
A lonesome, melancholic lady, standing in a dimly lit balcony
On a cold night; her robe slightly parted to reveal a pale chest
That heaved deep breaths- gentle music in flesh and bones-
The artist transformed into a poet, he could not help himself;
Sadness had an enchanting aura that could not be ignored-
She was a work of art in her very being, her every facet was poetry.


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