I try to tell you what I’m thinking,
Try to help you envision my thoughts, with my words
But I cannot fathom my mind into a few sentences
And I am afraid you will lose interest,
My two sentences rarely ever link in harmony;
My thoughts have no continuity,
Their span of uniformity is as short
As the attention you will lend me.
For me to reel my thoughts into words
Is like going fishing on a warm, spring afternoon-
With the sun shining bright, the water sparkling blue-
And battling with the creature on the hook,
Which is in my control, but only just.
It is a mighty fish, and it fights for power,
I reel it in, bit by bit, but I must let loose again,
Allow it to take with it some more of my chord,
My rod buzzes with the speed at which I am loosing line
On my own hopeful accord.
I continue my game of alternate control and submission,
The struggle is difficult, a constant loose and tug.
After hours of battling and failed attempts to fetch a catch
I finally reel it in and it splatters onto my paper boat,
Splashing and jumping, desperately trying to escape my grasp,
But no matter my catch, I always find myself unsatisfied,
Always throwing my bait, my ideas, back into the depths,
Hoping for the right words to hook onto the line
And splatter onto my paper boat into a mess of art.

I sometimes feel like a deep sea diver,
My mind quite like the vast immense, blue ocean;
Sometimes I merely wade in the shallows,
Focused on absorbing the views and the feeling of being enveloped;
And then I dive, free and unbound- exploring,
It frightens me, the depths and the various sights I see,
The creatures I encounter- some large, some small,
Some friendly, some ferocious; an intriguing compound-
I must disregard my apprehensions,
I must overpower my fears and dive into the unknown,
For it is only in the deep, dark depths of the ocean
That the whitest, brightest, most priceless pearls are found.
This sea of thought- it leaves me speechless,
And I find myself back on my paper boat,
Reeling in a bigger fish, a tougher struggle, a prouder victory.


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