Your mouth tasted of cold coffee, with three spoonfuls of sugar;
You never had an espresso, it was far too strong and bitter for your liking.

Your lips tasted of the orange balm you always moisturized them with;
Never strawberry. Did you even like the fruit? I don’t think so.

The odor of cigarettes never lingered on your tongue;
You would never allow me to smell it on you, you knew I despised it.

I never deepened the kiss,
I knew my haste would frighten you, make you uncomfortable.
You were never one to imprudently rush into things.

I could tell that our first kiss was not our last, for with you, I knew
When a goodbye was shortly arriving, for I knew you.

Your kisses, as passionate and blissful as they were, are hardly
The things to remember you by; there was more to us than that.

I’m left now with warm memories and a warmer friendship,
I don’t need souvenirs to remember you by, I won’t have to.
After all, your constant presence will not let me forget you.


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