Disordered: Schizo Phrene.

How dare you deem my obedience of commands as being abnormal?
They are not hallucinations, do not term me delusional.
My mind is controlled by a force far superior than my rationality,
And a voice far more advanced, and louder than your weak whispers.

How dare you try to lure me into your world, your supposed ‘reality’?
What is it to me but a world of pain, turmoil and chaos, oh evil one?
It is not I, but you, who must seek assistance, for your imprudence;
You are a masochist- condemning yourself to the agonies of ‘reality’.

How dare you coerce me to move
When I am peacefully comfortable?
Restless one, you vainly attempt to coerce my stuporous phase away;
I am certain that you do so only to fulfill your ulterior motives,
You are envious of my grandeur, and you want to destroy me.

You call me abnormal, and try, with all your might, to alter me.
You do so under the pretext of saving me, for my own welfare;
But I do not need your saving; my ‘delusional’ reality is but a haven
That you cannot fathom, for you are stubbornly (mal)adjusted to ‘reality’.


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