Perhaps someday I shall be educated,
Prudent, and aware enough
To indulge you in conversation
Beyond my humorous anecdotes
And the absurdities of my mind.

Perhaps someday I shall be versed
With verses and melodies
Well enough to discuss and criticize
Them, with knowledge beyond that
Of an amateur listener’s expertise.

Perhaps someday I shall capture
My perspectives and thoughts
With skillfully aesthetic frames
And elegant articulation
That portray technique and finesse.

Perhaps someday, in my attempt
To fulfill my unquenchable thirst
For wandering the world,
I shall have traveled enough
To guide you home, to safety, to me.

Perhaps someday I shall learn-
As a self taught individual-
How to be enough for you, for me.
Perhaps, ‘someday’ is just the day
My heart will stop beating.


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