She cried.
He was jarred.
For tears, to him,
Were scathed with agony.
Pain and hurt,
No longer contained,
Welled up in eyes
And flowed down cheeks,
Or so he thought.
He had only known
That tears were a result
Of insuppressible sadness.
He failed to understand
Why one would cry
With such vehemence
If the cause of the tears
Was an inexplicable joy?

He laughed.
She was shaken.
The laughter resounded,
Deafening her, while
She drowned in turmoil.
She could see the fury
Burning in his eyes.
And she expected his anger
To aggressively explode.
But he only laughed harder,
A cold look in his eyes.
She could not understand,
It made her fearful.
Why must he laugh so,
When she knew,
For it was obvious
That although he was shaking
With cold laughter,
The tremble in his voice
Was undeniable proof
Of the burning rage
He felt inside.

They failed, deplorably,
To understand each other,
No matter how much
They tried.
But humans are, after all,
Such inane, evasive creatures,
No matter our similarities
In the extents of emotions,
We each feel uniquely with
Varying degrees of extremity.
It deems us incapable
Of ever truly, completely
Understanding or relating
To another’s uniquity.


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