Animal Psychology.

Humans are merely animals
Save our thoughts and morals.
The untamed creatures
Are thus beneath us,
For they lack human sensibilities.
But oh intelligent heathen,
Our thoughts are nothing
But imaginated obstacles
That leave us incapable
Of being true to ourselves
For, unlike the mighty
Thoughtless beasts of nature,
We act not on our instincts
But on our deliberations.
In the process of practicality we
Lose our natural, unfiltered selves,
Living facades of normalcy,
Afraid of being who we are-
For we are insane, underneath.

Our morals are conventional,
Accepted without thought;
But susceptible to violation
Without consequence or regret
For we are shielded with excuses.
No crime cannot be foregone
Once situations are understood
And defenses built with tact.
We are virtuously empathetic
And we believe so with pride,
Blinded by our self righteousness.
Oh kind, generous one,
Our morals are forgotten with
The understanding of the unethical,
For our arrogance in our ability
To empathize and forgive
Leaves us no better than
The wild ones that know
When to exercise their sense of
Humanity and empathy
And when to exhibit
Ruthless, animalistic battle.

We are thus no better than them
For they have no morals-
Only feelings and emotions-
But their absence of thought
Keeps them honest and unable
To justify and dilute,
Their impulsive actions.
They are true to themselves
And must thus be respected
For their courage to be
Blatantly, immorally honest,
With not a fraction
Of calculated manipulation.


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