Your eyes were light-
Like swirls of honey-
The first time I met you.
But as time passed
I watched them grow
Into a deeper shade
Of melted caramel.
They slowly transformed
Into darker hues
Of deep, rich mahogany.
Until one day I looked
Into your eyes-
Now nearly pitch black;
And I gazed, searching
For the familiar warmth
I had come to know so well.
It was not to be found.
I did not recognize the eyes
Staring back at me anymore.
The twinkle of happiness
Had faded away,
Proof of the darkness
That you had endeared.
I had watched the light
Of their innocence
Turning more dull, each day,
As you witnessed the worst
Of agonized turmoil.
Your eyes grew darker
As you grew older;
It ached me for I knew
That your sight and vision
Were thus turning bitter
And there was nothing
I could do to prevent it.
But I hope that you learn
To look at the world
Through your dark eyes
While still believing in
The light of your heart
And the purity of your soul.


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