“You must learn to be like the sun
When it is kissing the horizon
As it rises and sets-
For that is the sun that is loved
And looked at with happiness-
It is soothing to the eyes
And warm to the heart-
It shines with glory
Without burning or blinding,
It is the only ray of sunshine that
One may witness without pain.”
The words rang in my ears
And pierced my heart,
I struggled in disdain,
For the words told me that
The only way one is every truly
Loved and appreciated is when
They are merely innocent infants
Or close to drowning into death.
What it did not teach me
Was that the interim harshness
And unfiltered heat of the rays
Were not only a part of life,
They were also vital,
For without the burn
Of the afternoon sun-
Bright, powerful and alive-
It was impossible for the mild,
Horizonal sun to be appreciated.
It would only be taken for granted
And live its life believing
That the summit of its abilities,
And its only worth
Was being a mere accessory
To a dark sky of dusk
That people occasionally looked at,
It would never be liked
If it were to ever bare itself
In all its blatancy,
If it did, they would all abandon it,
Seeking shade and respite
From its heat and burn.
But there were those, freezing
In the cold winds of white deserts
Who needed the warmth.
The words never told me that
The sun is loved and needed-
Even at its harshest-
By those who know its worth.
And thus I learned
That the sun is loved most
When at the horizon
Because that is when it is pleasant
And easiest to bear with,
But it never loses its worth,
Not even at noon,
Not to those who recognize it
And understand how to bear it,
For even a harshly burning sun
May only just be warm enough
To thaw the frozen that exists.


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