The Cardinal Sins: Wrath.

My rage will not be contained.

I will question and reject your ridiculous reasonings.
I shall battle, unto death, against your torturous wars.

I will hold abhorrence for your twisted ideals of love.
I shall drown our destructively ‘passionate’ relationship.

I will cross my limits to erase superficial boundaries.
I shall refuse to tolerate your cultured intolerance.

I will fuel my fury by wrecking havoc amongst your traditions.
I shall murder your customs with uncustomary brutality.

I will feed my rage by quenching your insatiable hunger.
I shall overpower your quest for territorial authority with my wrath.

I had rather die a sinner and be forsaken to damnation
Than allow my wrath to subside, and die a silent conformist-
A warrior, surrendering to the perpetuations of (in)humanity.


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