The Cardinal Sins: Envy.

I would envy your comfort in being the object of attention,
How you captivate your observers, gaining their admiration.
I would envy the ease with which you destroy those you love
But like not; knowing you deserve better, not settling for less.
I would envy your determination and steadfast ability,
Your decisiveness and mission to achieve and attain.
I would envy your knowledge and retainment of the same,
Your ability to apply and use it to your advantage.
I would envy your strength and courage, your loud voice,
That strives to be heard, to revolutionize and question.
I would envy your patience and meticulousness,
And the energetic passion that makes you so.
I would envy your ability to create and evoke creativity,
You lay foundations and build artistic masterpieces.
I would envy you, I would envy your virtues and victories,
I would envy your kindness, compassion and empathy.
But I shall not.
I should not.
I would envy you if I knew not how to learn from you,
But I do know. And learn from you I shall, for you are an example,
You demonstrate, precisely, what I must strive to be; but,
You show me what I must never transform into,
And for that, I am grateful to the flaws that stop me
From being an envious sinner and make me, rather, a learner,
Deeming you a teacher, a role you shall fulfill effortlessly.


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