The Cardinal Sins: Greed.

I crawled in misery.

My hands were torn and my knees were chafed raw by the friction.

All I wanted was to walk on my two feet and rid myself of my agony.


I walked in misery.

Aching feet, my knees weak and my back bent, weary and defeated.

All I wanted was the to arrive at my destination more swiftly, by running.


I ran in misery.

My lungs were exhausted and my muscles were clenched in protest.

All I wanted was a respite for my worn out body and tired mind.


I recessed in misery.

My body yearned for movement, my mind mourned its corrosion.

All I wanted was to move, however slow and painful, as long as I was kinetic.


I was miserable, with a complete lack of satisfaction.

Every moment I spent breathing, my greed was fuelled.

I was a greedy miscreant; my every progress was sinful

And it made me wonder at how futile my efforts were,

How incredibly capricious and quick my demands were,

I fulfilled one as soon as I could and another arose with such haste,

It left me running in a deathly, devious circle of fatally unsatisfactory misery.


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