The Cardinal Sins: Lust.

Elaborate, with precision,
On just how immense
My importance is in your life
By writing me letters
Filled with raw emotions
Of helpless love and passion.
Show me how it frustrates you,
Your inability to contain yourself;
And how my absense
Leaves you painfully hollow.
Sing me a song for every day
That your heart yearns for me
And paint me a picture
For every fleeting encounter
That makes you greedy for more.
When you can no longer
Sustain yourself with my words,
And when my quick glances
And shy smiles from afar
Fail to satisfy you;
When you turn uncontrollable
And murderously restless
And you cannot settle
For our shallow conversations
And erratic dances of evasion,
Allow yourself to fall at my feet
And give me the opportunity
To condemn your lust.


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