The Cardinal Sins: Sloth.

I care not for the rapids
And I refuse to partake
In your urgencies
But I shall not make an effort
To fight against you, either,
No, I had rather float tranquilly.
And while you stress
About your future course
I shall remain apathetic
And detach myself
From all exhaustive activities.
I shall leisurely drift, admiring
And observing my surroundings,
Absorbing their every aspect
And taking pleasure
In every moment, every view.
My sloth is not my sin,
But your impatience is yours,
For it makes you ignorant
And deems you worthless.
Your restlessness wastes you,
It leaves you consumed.
While you fall off the cliffs,
Into the dark depths of turmoil
I shall calmly lay on my back
And sail my way through
For I am a sloth
And I shall remain one,
Regardless of the storms
That the infinite skies produce,
And the murderous meanders
That the rapids of life provide.
For I would rather drown
Than make the effort
At an attempt to swim.


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