The Cardinal Sins: Gluttony.

My cannibalism is animalistic.
It is an inhumane, undignified method of consumption.
It is slow and painful, like a paralysis it leaves you helpless.
I shall look into your eyes until you are hypnotized.
My gentle strokes on your cheeks will leave you whimpering.
Every kiss I plant on your lips will tranquilize you, slowly,
And I will caress your body, making you surrender to my will.
I shall begin to consume you, starting with your mind and soul
And slowly, methodically progressing to your body
Until you are left moaning in agony, begging for relief.
But I refuse to release you, I shall patiently wait for your revival
And then I shall begin to consume you again.
I am a sinner, for the sake of my amusement.
An insatiable glutton, I shall never be quenched.


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