You believe that all you see is all that exists
But the epitome of your knowledge,
Oh arrogant fool, only exists on my surface.
Dive into my depths, beyond my crystal glass,
And my naked soul will be displayed to you
On a platter of emeralds and blues.
I am a world, no, a magical universe, more so.
And young one, you shall never breathe easy
For my residences and my inhabitants-
My children, for I nurture and love them so-
Shall leave you breathlessly gasping
As you desperately try to dive deeper,
Greedy, are you not? Temptingly intriguing, I am.
You are heart wrenchingly unprepared,
Foolish one, and only mine to selfishly gain.
I am a sorceress and my magic enticed you
Into my world, where you shall now reside, forever.
Worry not. Your remains shall not be in vain.
You will be an addition to my splendor and
Assist me in providing shelter for my children.


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