Grand Voyage.


Life held my hand
And took me on a voyage
Down the Grand Trunk road.
Each city was a world
Alien to the previous,
And each night I spent
In the various dwellings
Was my rebirth
As a new person.
I saw fearful turmoil
And immeasurable sadness
Amongst bloody conflict.
Filled with danger
And a gruelling uncertainty.
I then lived amidst
The magnificent cities
Of wealth and splendor
Only to be thrown
Into poverty and destruction.
Fatigued and hopeless,
Slowly losing my grip
On Life’s warm hand,
I stumbled into a meadow
Of therapeutic tranquility.
This was my home,
I decided; I would settle here.
I withdrew my hand
From Life’s grasp, smiling,
While she mourned
The loss of my company.
I had found my destination
And I would reside here
In joyous peace.


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