Framed Conflict.

Your pain and helplessness is but a subject for me to frame.
I am as helpless as you are, I must do as I am supposed to.
What I am supposed to do is follow my job prescription
Regardless of how little humanity it involves.
I promise to make your cries heard, deafeningly loud and clear,
I promise to provide your hopeless silence with a booming voice
Whose echoes will be heard and felt in the eyes of my viewers.
I promise to never forget you, for I could not if I tried,
Not even if it results in me giving up my life, for we are both as worthless
As our positions in the big picture of the world
But our worth depends on each other. I shall provide you with fame
Which may bring you assistance, but you must provide me
With all the hurt and anger you could possibly hold and drive it into your expressions
So I can show you in your raw emotions, brimming in your eyes.

My heart should have gone cold, but it hasn’t. It never will.
I have grown accustomed to seeing destruction and surrender,
To being surrounded by dread, death and regret,
But I will never be immune to the wounds that reflect in your eyes
And I shall spend sleepless, restless nights flled with guilt and remorse
As I lie in my bed, while you rot in the wilderness
At the mercy of the humanity of the animals that haunt you.
I hope and pray but there is not much I can do,
Aside from shooting you, with the simple click of a button,
And allowing your screams to quake the world awake.


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