My nails scratch at the board and my skin,
My hands rip apart my hair from their roots,
And I watch you shriveling in disdain.

I make my voice hoarse with screams
And bang on my chest,
Laughing as you try to silence me,
Your vain attempts only make me louder.

I nonchalantly play with shattered glass
While you desperately try to clean the blood
And pierce yourself in the process.

I dive and I fly with passionate abandon,
You are dragged along, tethered to me by your love-
My leaps and bounds wound you, but I do not stop
Until you emerge, broken and bleeding.

I inhale the murderous smoke
And consume the poisonous liquor.
You try to rid me of them but result in being
Voluntarily confined to their very prisons
For only they seem to love you back.

Oh naive fool, you try and try, you worry and worry
But your sleepless nights of concern
Are nothing but temporary amusements
Until my heart’s desires alter.


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