You are like the henna that stains my hands,
You entered my life and swiftly cooled its heat.
With each passing day, your presence grew stronger.
Every inhale of your fragrance comforted my lungs
And mitigated the odors that surrounded me.
You added beauty and color to every blank aspect of me,
Changing it into something intricately adorned.
But you faded as gradually as the deepened color did,
And I did not stop you, for I could not if I wanted,
I had known you had only come so you could leave.
Your presence was supposed to be temporary,
Meant only to enhance my mediocre and make it admirable,
I knew it all, but your loss still left me feeling incomplete.
My life did not agree with you and your exit was hastened,
But it is difficult to go back to the ordinary
Once you have seen what art looks and feels like.


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