Prices Paid.

You asked me how I was
But my simple “I am fine.”
Was not enough to convince you.
You wanted to hear
About the sorrows I hid
Behind a feigned smile
And you wanted me to confess
About my fears and the worries
That left me sleepless;
About the nightmares
That terrified me
When I did manage to sleep.
You wanted to watch me sob
And accept that you were right,
And until I did so
You would not be satisfied.
So you got me drunk, patiently.
Each whiskey I downed
Only broadened your smirk
And increased your anticipation.
You were anxiously awaiting
To hear the words
You thought I would say.
Oh, how I would love to wipe
The smugness off your face.
And that is precisely what I did,
Though not the way I intended.
You asked me how I was, again,
And this time I told you
Just how ‘fine’ I was.
I watched as every word I said
Was a slap on your face,
Slowly turning your arrogance
Into an astonished, confused awe.
Your eyes changed,
They did not recognize me anymore.
For I was no longer the little girl,
Lost and confused, unsure of herself.
No, I was an independent woman,
Proud of who she was.
I laughed. You had not changed,
Not in the slightest.
And you trembled
For my honesty came at a price,
One which settled your debt
For all the years
You made me hate myself.
And this time, I taught you.
I taught you that you were too weak
To bear the brunt of my blatancy.


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