“How do you write?”
A question that never fails to make me snicker. For someone who has written since as far as she can remember, it’s an amusing question, silly, even.
Because how can you not write?
How can you not write when in a world like this, words are all you have to be heard, to be understood, to be known, to capture, to express, to explain, to be able to explore, share and help. Words are all you have.
They’re the basic necessities of life and communication.
Even the mute must communicate and they find words in their sounds, symbols and actions.
The whole idea of not being able to explain oneself seemed baffling.
You had got to be all sorts of insane to not be able to emote.
No, not even insane. Handicapped. Disabled. Because with the thousands of languages and millions of words at your disposal, the idea of you not being able to string together enough words to do something as basic as explain yourself and be understood, however mildly, seemed impossible. Maybe even pathetic.
I could not even attempt to imagine it because words are like breathing, to me.
Sure, sometimes, no amount of combinations of words and letters would be enough to truly express.
But does that mean you make zero attempts?
Nobody can be understood one hundred percent, and to even try to do so would mean having to spend months just trying to articulate one minuscule thought.
But that’s where the beauty of it all lay.
Every time someone asks me how to write, I reply with the same shrug, and the same smug tone as I smirk and utter a vague, “You pick a pen up and find a paper- and you write. That’s as simple as it gets.”, and it truly is that simple.
But three nights ago, I had a thought. A bizarre idea which sprung out of nowhere.
And ever since, I have been tortured, absolutely frustrated.
And all my arrogance melted away. All my nonsense about writing being easy was shattered in a jiffy because while I ache to elaborate on it, no amount of writing, however varied, is enough to satisfy me.
This isn’t the wildest of my thoughts, far from it. But for someone who considers writing easy, it feels nearly impossible for me to capture it with a few meager words and I find myself asking the dreaded question:
How do I write?”


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