Anonymous Phoenix.

The spark between us
Ignited a raging fire within
And while it thawed me,
It burned my skin as I wept,
Knowing not who I was anymore
For just as fires ravaged me
And wrecked my fingerprints,
You plundered my pillars
And your burn left them tainted
Black- darker than the night
You pierced my wings
With your inflamed spear.
You vandalized the walls
And pillars that supported
My identity and my virtues.
You damaged and left vulnerable
The very foundations on which
I built myself, brick by brick.
And thus I perished
Into unidentifiable ashes.
But you forgot, my love,
That I am a phoenix
And I shall rise from these ashes
With grace, strength and power
And I shall never be tethered again
For I only just learned to soar.


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