Coup De Grace.

I kill myself, slowly, steadily.
A whisky every night,
To slowly drown my liver,
And for the little sorrows
Of the day gone by
To flow away with.
So I can better embrace
The fleeting moments of happiness.

I kill myself, slowly, steadily.
Every evening I hold a cigar
To my mouth, and with each puff
I burn the walls of my lungs,
And I watch the Sun
As it drowns itself into the seas
Awaiting its rebirth into the Moon.

I kill myself, slowly, steadily.
The adrenaline pulsating through my veins
As I swim in the freezing water,
In the cold, gloomy morning.
My veins expanding with the rush,
As my heart nearly explodes,
Struggling to keep me alive.

I’m always killing myself,
Slowly, steadily.
But I shall not let death escape me,
For if the hooded beauty does not take me
When I surrender to her embrace,
I shall not let her watch me grovel,
And take pleasure in my suffering.
No, I’ve lived while killing myself,
Slowly, steadily, happily,
So I shall seize her with both arms
And make her take me,
For I have awaited her all my life,
And I shall control how
I hand myself over to her power-
Through the hollow of a barrel.

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”


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