Proud Hypocrisy?

I was asked who I was
And I had no reply,
After a long deliberation
I decided upon a satisfactory answer
And proudly exclaimed
That I was an inexplicable personification
Of a paradox, for my mind
Is a juxtaposition and
I spoke syllables of amusing alliterations.
I took pleasure in baffling my listeners
With words that contradicted
My thoughts and actions,
For the mere amusement
Of watching them wonder
At my apparent hypocrisy,
Until they realized that
My words were a minor reflection
Of my thoughts and ideals,
Words which could never fathom,
With brevity, just all I had to divulge,
And nearly nobody has the time-
Required to solve the puzzle of my mind-
At their disposal. (I have failed
To do so myself, for I have not the patience)
I generalize against stereotypes,
Believe in rights which we have
No right to exercise until we fulfill
Our rightful duties of humanity.
I debate endlessly but I cannot
Entertain an argument.
I am decidedly indecisive
With no concrete opinions;
I talk uncontrollably but I yearn for silence
And I may be alone, but never lonesome.
I speak with harsh extremity
While my mind mildly reflects.
And although I like meddling
Into the business of others,
I am apathetic towards that
Which does not concern me.
I may be calmly eccentric
With double standards, enough
To confuse even myself,
For my tolerance and behavior
Depend, almost completely,
On the individuals I encounter
And thus, it matters not
Who (and what) I am,
But who (and what) you are.


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