The Dark Paths Of Faith.

I call myself a believer
And she terms herself as an admirer.
For I believed in the power
Of the apparent man above
And she admired all
That He had supposedly created,
Even though she did not believe
In His existence or His powers.
She said she admired
My unquestioning faith,
While my admiration was held
By her curiously questioning doubt.
She found it courageous
To depend and rely on that,
For which there was no concrete proof.
I found her courage in her independence
From all, but herself.
She found strength in my ability
To obey predetermined rules
In order to be true to my belief,
And I found her strength
In her ability to form her own set of rules
Which made her true to herself.
She said it was inspiring,
How I seemed answerable
To a fragment of my faith.
And I found it inspiring, how
She was answerable to herself
And the morals she had created.
She said that my dependence
And hope was commendable
And I said it was commendable,
Her lack of these in all
But her own powers and abilities.
She praised my staunch belief
In times of ridicule and discrimination
And I praised her self assurance in times of hardships.
We laughed in harmony
At those who could not accept us
In our diversity and our rights,
And applauded the other’s unmovable beliefs
And individual opinions,
We embraced before we turned
And walked down our own paths
Of darkness and faith,
Guided by the respective lights
Of our various, founded beliefs.


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