Chains And Pearls.

Concealed bruises
From the pain hidden by walls.
Smiles hide the tears
That have run dry overnight.
Expertly rehearsed excuses
Shadow the harsh reality
That is domestic violence.

Expensive masks hide
The scars of toils from the past,
In hope for a better future.
Chains broken away from,
Assaults revolted against,
Ties of blood that are severed;
Their evidence is hidden,
Like the refugees of war.

Luxurious cosmetics
Cover all the traces
Of the barges that resulted
From the effort required
To climb the steep ladder
Of the economy and
Overcome adversaries.
Those who once worked hard
To earn a day’s meal
Work harder to look
And behave aristocratic.

Bruises of heartbreak,
Scars from wars,
Pains of the economy
And prisons of society.

We wear our masks
To create hideouts
For all the pain and bruises,
Common to humanity.
The paths of our dried tears
Are covered by joyous smiles.
The physical scars
And the internal cuts and stitches,
Our pains and sorrows
Are forever inscribed
On our faces and hearts,
But they need to be uncovered
And exposed for betterment.

How long can our joyous facades
Contain the riots within,
Before their outburst
Leaves us exhausted and naked,
Our stories and emotions
On display for everyone
To witness with astute scrutiny.


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