Au Revoir.

I have had my share of goodbyes
And I am comfortable in being
Lonesome for I’ve learned to revel
In letting go, and the feeling of
Vacuum that results from the
Farewell strengthens my growth
But you must know that if you
Ever leave, I shall not stop you
Or beg you to stay, I shall respect
Your decisions and their causes,
And no matter how painful it
May be, I shall let you go without
So much as a whisper, but I will
Ask you one thing and expect
Nothing but complete honesty,
For your answer to my question
And my satisfaction derived from
It shall determine the span of
Time I shall take to end my
Grieving and complete the process
Of closure. My goodbyes are
Sacred so don’t rob me of them,
Because I may not understand
Your desire to leave and I may not
Let you leave as easily without a
Goodbye. So bid me adieu and I
Shall not beg you to stay, I shall Merely beg for your honesty.


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