Motherly Darkness.

The night is my shield
Against the enemies
In the battlefield
Of my mind.
It is my guide
In days blindingly bright.
It is my umbrella
In stormy days.
It is my shelter
Against ferocious landslides.
The night is my calm
In a life of chaos.
It is my tranquillity
In times of doom.
The night is my home
When I’m weary from wandering.
It is my respite
From the troubles of the days.
The night is my silence
In a blaring din.

The night is my comfort,
For before the rays
Of the warm Sun
Overpower the fight
Of the jewels
In sky of the night,
And while everyone else
Is fast asleep
The night is my Utopia,
It is the silence before the storm
Of life resumes.
The night is my pause
And the night is all I need,
For she comforts me,
As she engulfs me
In her embrace
Of uniformity and grace.
She slowly overshadows
All my pains and sorrows.
The night is my healing,
And she is,
Like a genuine mother,
Patient and understanding.
Never delayed in her arrival
And never lingering
Beyond my needs,
For she departs
When she is assured
That I am tucked in,
Safe and content,
Sleeping away my realities,
And vacationing in my dreams.


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