You consider me inferior
For my anatomy
Differs from yours
And you steal me
Of the respect I am due
For my organs
Seem to arouse yours.
You rob me of my rights
For you believe
That I have none
Because I have been born
With some sort of fault,
Or a deformity
Which is only natural.
You silence me
Because the words I speak
Of natural occurrences
Offend your fragile rules
Of what is acceptable to
Be spoken about and what isn’t.

A few visits to a surgeon
And a few cuts
And stitches later
I will be physically
The same as you
(Though, I believe,
Morally superior)
Then, on what basis
Shall you judge me?
What will you base
Your stigmas against me on,
Other than my physical past
Of organs and an anatomy
Different from yours?


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