Tell me, father,
Would you blame mother
And her choice of clothing
If a man were to sneer at her?
Beloved brother,
Would you doubt her character
On the basis of the amount
Of male friends your sister has?
Tell me, oh friend,
If I were to demand the freedom
To believe in my morals
And behave as I want,
You would respect my choices
And support my happiness,
Wouldn’t you?
Sir, is her work really undeserving
Or have you awarded this grade
Against the bias
Of her stand in society,
Which you seem to deem inappropriate.
Tell me, all you men
Who love staring at us,
Why is it so easy for you
To scrutinize our bodies,
But so difficult to accept that
These bodies are homes of humans.
Why must a person,
Merely physically different,
Disgust you so much?

Mother, tell me,
How could you bear to watch
The life taken out of the human
That grew inside of you
For something as minor as her gender?
Aunt, would you disown your son,
Your very blood,
On the basis of whom
He shares a bed with
And the fact that he would rather
Shop from the women’s section?
Uncle, you know what it feels
Like to be trapped,
So why do you find it so difficult
To empathize with your son
Who feels trapped
In the body of a woman?
And tell me, cousin,
Why does my uttering certain words
And speaking of certain matters-
Which are only harsh realities-
Offend you to such an extent?
Why must we all ignore
The blatant truths
Of life, society and biology?

Oblige me with answers,
Oh great minds,
But if you fail to do so,
Do not attempt to
Silence my questions.

What makes us superior
To another human
Is merely our level of
Morals and acceptance,
And not our social standing,
Not our body and our organs,
Or our sexuality.
You may consider it unnatural
And your traditions and customs
May consider it inappropriate,
But if you cannot be tolerant
And if being accepting
Is so difficult for you,
Think again, oh human-
For I know not whether you
Are a man or a woman,
A heterosexual or a homosexual,
And I do not care,
For to me, you are all the same-
If humanity is so tough for you,
Are you really worth the honor
Of the title of a human?


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