My mind, soul and heart
Are a kingdom of treasures,
Protected by barriers,
Mighty, monstrous walls.
But I must warn you,
Before you hurt yourself.
Do not try to demolish my walls,
It is beyond your strength.
Don’t try to jump over them,
The moat is deep
And you shall bruise yourself.
Don’t look for crevices
To sneak in from,
For you shall not get through, rather,
You will be stuck halfway in
And you will wear yourself out.
Be patient, my friend,
For once you assure me
Of your dedication and persistence
In your attempt
To conquer this kingdom,
I shall welcome you
With smiles and open arms,
And release the confines of this dam,
To let you explore
The vast meadows and deep seas,
The dark nights and bright days,
The cold winters and warm summers
That lay within these Trojan walls.


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