“They breached our conditions,
And we shall investigate the matter.
They did what they were told not to do,
And we shall take action to punish them.

They breached her body, her privacy,
But we shall exempt them
From the shame they rightfully deserve.
They touched what they had been told not to touch,
And we shall take action
To hide their deeds from the scrutiny of the world.

How dare they defame our country?
Our motherland deserves respect.
It matters not if the very women face disrespect,
For all that matters is the name of our country,
Even at the cost of muting its voice
And extinguishing its flame.”

But sir, do you not realize
That these very flames
Will burn the flaws-
Of your, my, our country-
At their very root,
And these very voices
Shall be heard and echoed enough
For you to not have to protect our reputation,
For the causes of its being at stake
Will be diminished.

Let us speak, sir.
For if you do not let us speak,
We will shout.
If you stop our actions,
We will fight.
What will stop, are the attacks
On the heart and soul of our country,
But we won’t stop, sir.
No, not until you fight with us,
And even then, we will not so,
Not until we emerge victorious.



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