“I told you so, Sir.”

Sir, you must know
That this country,
Yours by residence,
But not yours by heart
(for a true Indian, you are not)
Is petrifying, when it rages.
It is capable of more rebellion
Than you could ever suppress.
Your authority is a dam wall;
Within which every adversary
Is an additional drop of water,
To this already saturated collection.
You must know, sir,
That there is a certain limit
To the capacity of every dam.
The water is beginning to overflow.
Soon, there will come a time
When the wall shall collapse
And the water will flow,
In all its might, with all the force
An oppressed river holds,
That time, sir, all your attempts
To avoid being swept away,
Shall be in vain-
Just like the cries for mercy were-
You will lose your footing
And you will be washed away.
And once the tide has swept over,
Silt will be left behind
In the remains of the destruction.
Where trees will flourish,
And those trees, sir,
Shall be us citizens.
Us humans, to be precise;
Citizens of the land we call our mother.
And you, sir, shall evaporate,
Along with those tear drops
Of agony and anguish,
Helplessness, pain and anger.
And we shall sway, sir;
We shall sway joyously
With the breeze,
As the birds perched on us
Will chirp to the smug tune
Of “I told you so.”


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