A Broken, Hopeful Pride.

You may expect me to be ashamed
Of my country and my people,
Of my home.
Truth be told, I’m not.
I am proud.
I’m proud of the outrage
And the anguish,
Felt all around.
I’m proud of the opinions-
That were voiced, so boldly-
Of the frustration,
The demand for change.
I’m proud of the united will
To fight against
The disgraceful deeds of monsters,
And the abominable opinions
Of the animals defending them,
And the shameful mentality
Of the authorities,
No matter what it takes.
I’m proud of the united shame
And awareness;
The want to punish
In no less intensity
Than what is rightfully deserved.
I’m proud of the empathy,
Compassion and strength,
Of the soldiers willing to fight
For the inspiration,
Whose name was all that they knew.
I’m proud of the aggression,
I’m proud of the hatred, spite
And the murderous anger
That hit us all with a shock.
I’m proud of the outspoken abhorrence
Against these incompetent,
Impotent monsters.
I’m proud because this uproar
Is the foundation of a revolution,
One that will rage on
Until wrongs are made right,
Until every deformity
Of this flawed society is erased,
Until this epidemic
Of oppression is overthrown.
I am proud, for I know
That the victims shall be avenged,
For this is a generation
Of strength, power,
Opinions and morals;
This is a generation
Of courageous fighters
Who shall not be silenced by threats,
Whose thirst for change
Shall not be quenched,
Until their demands
For betterment are satisfied.


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