Take a walk down the halls
Of nostalgia with me.
Hold my hand
And I will guide you
Down the corridors where
I first walked, rather, stumbled,
As a mere child, two feet tall,
Clutching in my tiny hand
The finger of the woman,
I would lovingly call “baai”
Fourteen years later,
As she led me to the classroom
Where I learned to hold a pencil
And write the alphabets and numbers,
And was rewarded with a sticker
When I first learnt to spell my name.
I shall lead you up the stairs,
The very ones I first ascended
As a young child,
Progressing from one grade to another,
Climbing a floor higher with each,
As I went from sitting on the ground
To using a stool,
Which then turned into
A small chair, after which came
A slightly larger one;
As I grew older and wiser
And learned that meddling
With the chair would only result
In a painful fall.
I will take you to my library
And show you
The exact corner where I sat
When I first fell in love
With the world of books,
We shall then go to the art room,
Where I learned about perspective
In art and life
And felt the pleasure of expression,
By experimenting with colors.
I will show you the room
Where I was first introduced
To the magic of music
And the art of flowing with it
In measured movements.
I will show you
The various doodles on my desk,
Vandalism to the teachers, but
To me, a logo to mark my territory.
I will take you to the court
Where I first channeled
My energy into sport,
Through which I was to have lessons
And enjoyment to last a lifetime,
And the stage where I first danced
In kindergarten and
Sang last, before I graduated.
I will host you, like a host must,
In my second home,
And introduce you
To my extended family,
Who have contributed
To molding and shaping me.
We can explore every crevice,
Every nook and cranny,
For there are countless memories
Of countless moments
Of joy and sorrow
In each of these classrooms
And on every stair in every passage,
With people I shall always remember fondly.
You can help me thank them all,
My teachers who
Were my guides and friends,
And my peers who sometimes
Accentuated my insanity,
Inspired me with their strength
And taught me about compassion,
Empathy and friendship;
But you will never know
What I truly felt-
And I will never attempt
To explain it either-
When I left this home
And ascended those very steps,
That I could blindly climb,
For the last time,
As that chapter of my life ended.


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