Why is melancholy
Considered ‘beautiful’
And alluring?
Is it because
It makes you realize
The meaning
Of true happiness?
Or because it takes
More courage to expose
Sadness, than it does
To show happiness?
Perhaps, because
Climbing out of the
Well of sorrow requires
Skill and determination?

Why is pain
So intriguing,
Drawing everyone to it,
To be romanticized?
Is it because the cause
Of it evokes curiosity?
Or is it because
Fairytales always begin
With pain and hurt?
Perhaps, the strength
Required to deal
With an emotion
So difficult
Makes it attractive,
For who would not
Like to be a martyr?

Why is a difficult
Past considered
a measure of courage
And depth of knowledge?
Is it because it is fascinating
To hear of, and attempt
To tame one’s demons?
Or because anecdotes
Of victorious wars
Hold more suspense
And complexity,
Combined with
Pride and empathy?
Perhaps, it is the belief
That hardships bring
With them wisdom
And experience?

What is it
About these emotions
That make them
So deceiving
And repulsive,
But appealing too?
Perhaps their negativity
Only adds to the charm
Of a happy man
With a mind,
A dark cave to be explored.


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