Letting Go.

I have always wondered
Why people claimed
That letting go is so difficult,
When all we have ever been taught
Is that nothing lasts forever,
For this too shall pass.
So why expect forever
When it is pleasurable to revel
In the various phases of life.
People enter, only to leave
Bonds perish, like they are meant to.
The doom of the future
Only adds to the delight,
For yesterday is something
You will always live in,
Today is a lifetime in itself,
And tomorrow is only a hope,
A bridge waiting to be crossed.

Why must everything
That holds sentimental value
Be discarded in order
For the process of
Moving on to begin?
I would rather hold on
To that coffee mug
I was once gifted-
For when the tears run dry,
It will provide me
With a warm smile
Of nostalgia-
Than to rid myself
Of the opportunity to ever relive
And remember the exact emotions
I felt at that particular time.

Why hold on so stubbornly?
Grief is justified,
But why must sorrow
Transform into anguish?
A matter of acceptance,
For once you realize that
Tomorrow may hold
Different ingredients,
You only enjoy the
Flavor of today
With less anxiety and more zest.


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