The Unsung Hero.

She has a twinkle in her eyes.
Eyes that have witnessed
Generations grow and
Cities change;
Seen horse carriages
Replaced by cars
And letters
Substituted with messages
On impersonal screens.
Eyes that withhold evidence
That the wheel is in constant spin
And the cycle of life is balanced, indeed.

She smiles with lips a channel
To countless anecdotes,
Old wives’ tales, accounts of her days,
Some bright and some dark.
Fairytales with lessons in their absurdity.
Lips with knowledge waiting to spill from.
An entrance, rather, an outlet to
The enchanting world of her mind.
Lips that can flash a disarming smile,
Enough to destroy any walls one might build.

I watch her in awe. This woman,
Nothing less than a soldier.
One that fought and overcame
Distress and obstacles with
Elegance and grace.
A woman that watched decades
Pass and remained constant.
An unsung hero with a past to inspire the future.

Jan 10, 2015


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